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    • melanie says

      Glad you enjoyed the video Sabrina. I was worried that once everyone saw my incredibly patron (translation=posh) living situation it would interfere with my African cred. I mean, I have a fan, and a mirror. I am essentially living the high life.

  1. Debbie says

    I realize you are home by now… at least you’re somewhere besides Senegal perhaps. But two months have passed without a word :-( Would love to read about your re-entry experience. By the way, I hope you’re planning on going into some sort of journalistic endeavor because girl, you can write!! Hope you are well and adjusting to life back in the states without too much pain and sadness. Your story should be a book… consider it!

    • melanie says

      Hi Debbie! I am still making my way back to Amerik. Currently in the middle of the ocean. On a boat. A big one. My Senegalese family thinks I am sailing to America on a pirogue (a West-African canoe). I think that sounds cooler than a cruise liner. So I might just tell everyone in Senegal I paddled across the ocean… you know, help keep my legend alive.

      I promise I have many more entries to write about my goodbyes and journey to America, they will be coming soon. I have no intention stopping (cue maniacal laughter now).

      If I ever do write a book I will make sure to let you know. I am assuming I can count on you to purchase the first 1,000 copies right? You plus my Mom means I will sell at least 1,001 copies…