i’ve been demysted

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For the past couple of days I have been down in Kedougou on a Volunteer Visit (also known as demystification). The purpose of demystification is to give trainees an idea of what life as a volunteer will be like. They time the visit so that it comes almost exactly halfway through training, which is perfect. After visiting a volunteer and meeting volunteers in the region and hearing about their amazing work, I am really motivated to work hard and push through the rest of training. So, after the 12 hour drive down to Kedougou, we were met by a huge… read this post

kedou–who? kedougou!

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Today was the day that we have all been waiting for… site announcements! The session began with everyone getting led to the basketball court. Painted on the ground was a huge map of Senegal. We are all blindfolded, then led to various locations on the map. When I was led to my spot I called out and discovered that all the members of my language group (the Pulafuuta group) were all close, plus a new voice, a Mandinka speaker. Then I started calling out to see how far away everyone else was… and no one responded. They were all really… read this post


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Before leaving for our assigned countries all Peace Corps Trainers must first report to a U.S. city for “staging”.  Staging is essentially an orientation session.  The two days are filled with a couple of icebreakers, immunizations, and sessions on Peace Corps policies. The current staging numbers: Number of airports – 5 Number of delayed flights – 2 Number of vaccinations – Only 1 so far! PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees)  in my Stage – 50 Hours of sleep – 10 in 3 days Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are mine alone and do not represent the positions or views of… read this post